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Medically supervised detox

Couples Drug Rehabs’ rehab for couples offer medically supervised detox services for persons physically addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our drug rehab for married couples is overseen by physicians, nurses and counselors. Clients are given medication to ease their withdraw symptoms. All our staff is educated in addiction and are trained to recognize medical conditions that require immediate care. Clients are monitored around the clock and encouraged with love and support. Our detox unit is modern and comfortable, with a home-like atmosphere. Every person has their own private room and bathroom, with large comfortable beds. Meals are brought to the client’s room or they may be eaten in the dining room with others. We provide entertainment, such as Netflix, cable and Games. Clients are encouraged to attend the on-site support groups, as they begin to feel better. As with any individual’s medical condition, the detox process and length, varies per person. It is our objective to assist each client with their withdraw symptoms safely and with as much comfort as possible.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a residential or inpatient treatment program. Individuals attend PHP after they have completed detox. Clients are assessed and monitored by our professional staff of physicians, psychiatrists, counselors and therapists. Clients design a personal treatment plan with the guidance of their counselor. This treatment plan has specific goals for their recovery and is updated and modified as progress is made, or given more attention when it is not. PHP groups include holistic therapies, facilitator led groups and workshops, group therapy, and individual counseling. Clients are also taken to off-site twelve step meetings and attend in house twelve step speaker meetings. We have a twenty four hour medical staff to administer medications and address medical needs. Our treatment program techs oversee daily routines, safety and give support around the clock. PHP is the program where addicts begin to accept their addiction and grow in their recovery. PHP treatment stays vary in length per the client’s needs. We offer a minimum stay of thirty days. The residence is modern and luxurious. All of our rooms have extra big comfy beds and private bathrooms. Clients will have access to the internet and other sources of entertainment (Netflix, Cable, Games). Clients are also allowed to bring and keep their cell phones. Our outdoor areas are beautifully landscaped and there is plenty of nature to enjoy and relax in. All meals are prepared fresh by five star chefs and nutritious snacks are available at all times.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) is for addicts in need of continuing their treatment in a less structured environment. This program is non-residential and clients attend groups and counseling for three days a week, for three hours at a time, at our recovery center. This is considered the next step after PHP, as it allows time in the week for individuals to become employed or go to school. This program offers group therapy, individual counseling and holistic therapies. Clients reside at one our approved sober living houses and we provide their transportation to and from IOP. Groups focus on client’s current concerns and accomplishments in their recovery, as well as, learning about relapse prevention. Our relapse prevention program groups are emphasized in IOP. IOP has a professional staff available daily to clients that includes psychiatric, medical, and therapeutic. Clients in IOP also receive an individualized treatment plan that is accomplished with the same premise as PHP. IOP treatment lengths vary and there is no minimum attendance required. One catered meal is provided each day at IOP. Clients are drug and alcohol tested to help with preventing relapse.